Suggestions for Patients

Items listed here are non-prescription items, no prescription is needed. The choices should be reviewed with your medical professional before starting.

There are three levels of suggestions available:

Based on US National Library of Medicine Studies 🔗
We use the bacteria shifts reported in clinical studies and generate suggestions from them. The studies reports higher or lower than average only, not the magnitude of shift.
Based on 255 Samples 🔗 in this study
We use the bacteria shifts abnormalities seen in each sample to synthesize a model microbiome ; generate suggestions from this model; and then generate a suggestion list. This is superior to the above because the bacteria being used are those being reported from the lab.
This uses the seen magnitude of shift to compute suggestions.
Based on an Individual Microbiome
We use the bacteria shifts abnormalities seen in an individual sample, generate suggestions from the sample. This is the best set of suggestions because it is highly individual.
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